How to Resonate With Your Future Customers

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As an independent contractor, I do whatever it takes to meet client goals. Some engagements are very hands-on implementing tactics myself or working with developers, content writers, designers, channel managers and more. Other engagements involve managing the account itself, building cross-channel strategies, and reporting on team progress.

Account Management

  • Manage a wide range of accounts with revenues ranging between $50K – $200K/mo.
  • Build strategic marketing plans which efficiently allocate marketing spend to the right channels

Channel Management

  • SEO: manage site content, build new page types to grow digital footprint and increase rankings
  • Ads: manage campaigns across platforms (Google, Bing, Facebook/Instagram, etc.) to meet optimization goals

David Garcia

What You’ll Learn


Creating Audience Personas


Market Research and Tools


Reassessing Your Brand's Positioning


Communicating with Your Target Audience


Analyzing Your Results


Creating a Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement