How to Start A Family Business

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Reserve your spot at our 2nd July Virtual Workshop How to Start A Family Business. This workshop is completely FREE and exactly what you need to learn how to build the family empire you’ve been thinking about.


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The Banks family mission: Dream as big as you possibly can. Set goals that will amaze but always help the world. Stay true to who you are and your values. Never stop learning. The Banks family includes: Philip Sr., Philip Jr., Hunter, David and Kelia.

They strive to make capable students in whatever environment the may find themselves. Therefore they don’t teach you JUST software, but rather the techniques.  The goal for them is “Making Impact & Living Your Best Tech Life”. 

The Banks Family

What You’ll Learn


Creating Audience Personas


Market Research and Tools


Reassessing Your Brand's Positioning


Communicating with Your Target Audience


Analyzing Your Results


Creating a Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement