Self Compassion for Entrepreneurs

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Join us for a special conversation focused on how entrepreneurs should be compassionate with themselves as they navigate building, expanding, and maintaining their businesses.


Who Are We Conversing With?

Veronica Clanton- Higgins, MSW, is an author, educator, life coach, motivational speaker, and CEO of VCH Prosperity Consulting. A native of Compton, CA, Veronica is known for her community advocacy, support of families & healing of women. Veronica started VCH Prosperity Consulting in 2016 to address the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of women in her community. Veronica also believes in healing through the sisterhood collective. She encourages women to ‘hold space for each other’ because “healing is more effective when you have a strong support system.” She has made it her life’s purpose to improve the lives of others by helping them discover their “happy” through the use of mindfulness-based interventions.

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Veronica Clanton-Higgins

Let’s Talk About…


ParticipanThe definition of self-compassion is and what self-compassion is not


The three elements of self-compassion


How does a lack of self-compassion impact us as entrepreneurs?


How does one improve/increase their capacity for self-compassion