The Launch Blueprint

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Reserve your spot at our September Startup Masterclass; The Launch Blueprint. This masterclass will give you the step-by-step process that Thumbprint Collective uses with their clients to not only launch over and over again, but make money before, during and after their launches.


Meet Your Instructor

Chello!!! I’m JPink, the CEO and Founder of Thumbprint Collective!

I pride myself as a true “MOMpreneur;” one that has dedicated my life to providing resources, information, and support that inspires and empowers mothers (especially melanin mothers) on their journey. As I built my business, I discovered a true axiom: the road to everyone’s individual success lies within their own personal GROWTH. I realized that the brand I created in the beginning, back in 2003, of my journey is essentially the same brand that stands today, over ten years later; because this is the brand that captured who I am, in my full authenticity, which made it easier to GROW as I GREW.

Although I proudly serve as the CEO of Thumbprint Collective I remain true to my purpose of Growth by Any Means Necessary as a “Melain MOMpreneur Growth Coach” and my passions of branding and marketing as the Lead Strategist within Thumbprint Collective.

Ms. Jennifer Pink

What You’ll Learn


What is a launch


A full-proof step-by-step launch system


The importance of funnels, and road maps


How to create a strategy that takes your launch to the bank


The honest truth about why your last launch failed


And More...