Entrepreneurship & Relationships 

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Join us for a special conversation as we discuss how entrepreneurship is a juggling act. For all of the benefits of being your own boss, there are challenges that come with it.

Entrepreneurship looks glamourous on the outside, but in reality, it can take its toll on your relationships, personal health, and your family. It is important to take the steps to improve both your business and relationship success. 

Who Are We Conversing With?

Xkizin Wright is a Marriage and family therapist Associate and she teaches entrepreneurs how to take the lessons learned from past painful experiences so they can unblock what is blocking them from their success and destiny. While she is an Entrepreneur so is her husband. Being married, 9 years, to an Entrepreneur has had its ups and downs. By going through both she has learned what not to do and do when it comes to relationships and entrepreneurship. She will be sharing these insights and tools that have helped her continue to nurture this and other relationships while on this entrepreneurship journey.

Xkizin Wright

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How Entrepreneurship affects "relationships"


How we can manage


Why communication matters


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