Essentials of Effective Leadership

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What is Leadership? Leadership is about influence. In contrast to authority or power, influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.

This startup masterclass will give you all of the essentials required to successfully lead a team. It is designed for individuals who are serving in a people management role, regardless of whether you are new to the role or are more experienced.

During this time where digital technology is changing every aspect of how business is being done and how customers are engaging with brands, a brand without effective leaders will be like a ship sailing without a captain directing which way to go. This is a must attend for leaders who want to grasp the essentials of leading others and their organizations.


Meet Your Instructor

A master personal transformation coach, a four-time bestselling author, a public speaker, an award-winning podcast host, and a professional development coach, Kiana Shaw is the founder of LeadHERship Academy, a company designed to teach teen girls life, leadership, and empowerment skills to inspire, educate, and elevate them.
Kiana facilitates personal and professional development classes online and in-person for all who desire to be proactive in the enrichment of their lives.

Her life statement is simple: Vision without Action is Hallucination.

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Kiana Shaw

What You’ll Learn


Essentials of Leadership


Time Management


Decision Making


Effective Communication


Personality Styles