Emotional Mastery for the Entrepreneur:

How to handle creativity, relationships, stress, and growth.

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Join us for a special conversation focused on helping entrepreneurs develop their emotional mastery. It’s time to learn how to deal with our creativity, relationships, stress and growth.


Who Are We Conversing With?

Michelle Collins is a powerful Speaker, published Author and certified Coach.

She is a ministry leader possessing an undeniable gift to creatively flow between the secular and the sacred. In 2019, she was nominated for “Faith-Based” Speaker of the Year, by SpeakerCon.

She equips leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs of faith to stay connected spiritually as they build their brand and business by sharing spiritual insight with tools for practical application. Her coaching is focused on Emotional Mastery that supports her mission to #LetInnerHealingGoViral. And as a Stage Presence Coach, she equips women to master the microphone with authority and authenticity through her Stand and Deliver Coaching.

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Michelle Collins

Let’s Talk About…


How entrepreneurs can close out 2020 on a positive note


How can we prepare mentally, emotionally and let go of "2020"


Positive self talk


Stepping into 2021 with a new mindset to reach goals


"Reboot" - Michelle's new book