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November 2020

November 12th

Getting Your Business Holiday Ready

Get your specials, sales, packaging, displays, etc. ready for the holidays; as well as how to position your social media pictures/graphics.

November 17th

Marketing 101

Are you ready to learn how to effectively reach your target audience? This masterclass is for you.

November 19th

Managing Life During the Holidays

We want to discuss how entrepreneurs can get mentally ready for the holiday season. We’re looking for tips about how to manage mentally, how we can stay focused on our tasks, and how to manage business and family during this time of the year.

Special Events

Thee Cultural Exchange is back with what promises to be Thee Blackest Black Friday Ever!

If you’re ready to turn Black Friday Blackity Black Black then register NOW as a vendor or attendee and do ALL your Black Friday shopping, and networking from the comfort of your home with folks representing the Diaspora only!

Do you have one we should be apart of? Send an email by clicking the button below and tell us about your event.

October 2020

October 14th

Entrepreneur Workshop: Building Your Team

If you’ve operated your business as lean as possible and you continue to wear every hat yourself there will come a point–or your breaking point–where, in order to remain competitive and prosper, you’ll need to welcome a helping hand aboard your tight ship.

October 16th

October Virtual Mixer

The mixer is a great networking opportunity, to connect with our community members in a natural and authentic way.

October 17th

Entrepreneur Taalk: Entrepreneurship & Relationships

For all of the benefits of being your own boss, there are challenges that come with it.

Entrepreneurship looks glamourous on the outside, but in reality, it can take its toll on your relationships, personal health, and your family. It is important to take the steps to improve both your business and relationship success.

October 20th

The Real Cost of Running A Business (members only)

Deciding to start a business can be an exciting moment for entrepreneurs, but that excitement is usually accompanied by uncertainty, anxiety, and even doubt.

If you’ve wondered “how much does it cost to start a business” or “how much does it cost to run a business”, we’ve put together the training that will lay out all of the costs you’ll need to consider (and know about) when launching and running your business.

October 27th

Startup Masterclass: Essentials of Effective Leadership

This startup masterclass will give you all of the essentials required to successfully lead a team. It is designed for individuals who are serving in a people management role, regardless of whether you are new to the role or are more experienced.

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