Did you make a resolution that this would be the year you launched your own startup but you still have questions about running a business?

Maybe you’ve had an idea and you resolved to take that idea to the next level?

You’re in luck; Startup Masterclasses will make sure you make it happen!

We’ve created our Startup Masterclass series where attendees gain entrepreneurial confidence and acquire the skills necessary to build their startups.

Our Startup Masterclass Sessions are taught by instructors with significant experience about the respective topic.

Each startup masterclass is

Growth Focused

 Classes helping you get laser-focused on growing your business and being sustainable. 


Providing you the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in your day-to-day business operations


Sharing resources, authority, opportunities, and motivation leading to potentially enhancing your business’ efficiency and profitability

Attending the Startup Masterclasses provides you with

the right steps to avoid common mistakes, and gain amazing insights into how to organize, run, market, finance, monetize and growth hack your business.

Attendees should be highly motivated and have a genuine interest in the topic with some basic knowledge but looking to go deeper and get a more specialized view.

The most common reason startups fail…

Lack of skills and experience – in founders and in the team


Rate of growth for mentored startups


Fail within 4 years without mentorship


More capital raised with mentorship

What Past Attendees Have to Say

“I loved [the Startup Masterclass session on 7 Streams of Revenue]! It was very informative. Everything was great! Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!!”

Vanessa P.

Rashunda gave a really good presentation about the 7 types of revenue streams that a business should have. I learned a lot in a little bit of time and that is always great! It was very helpful that she gave real examples based on her own experience starting a business. The “what to ask yourself” part of her presentation really hit home with me. It gave me a concrete place to start when figuring out other ways to generate revenue.

Preshus G.

The intro was extremely engaging. I love that Jennifer jumped right into the topic. But I also like that she shared her personal intro & story early on, but it came after she was already holding my interest. I really appreciated the aesthetic of the slides as well as the amount of detail provided on them. The reminder about how email still exists above & beyond social media really stood out & spoke to me. I also very much needed all the info regarding capturing the interest of potential clients/customers, & how important it is to have automated processes & funnels to help my business grow & be profitable.

Preshus G.

Our Monthly Masterclasses

Don’t miss our Startup Masterclasses! Each live, virtual training is filled with actionable advice that you can apply to your startup immediately.

How to Start a Food Truck Business

5 Easy Sales Tips for Your Startup Strategy

7 Streams of Revenue in Your Business

Employee to Entrepreneur

The Launch Blueprint

The Next Great Startup Masterclass

The Right Choice

We offer a competitive price point for our Startup Masterclasses. You have the option to choose from two different pricing packages:

Bonus With All Access

Masterclass Instructors

Our Startup Masterclass Sessions are taught by instructors with significant experience about the respective topic.

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Vanessa Punché

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Ms. Jennifer Pink

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Terence Latimer

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Rashunda Rene

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an invaluable learning experience to get you straight to action and past the fluff. Startup Masterclass can be the difference between you being part of the 50% that succeeds or fails.
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