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  • Connect with like-minds
  • Create a weekly structure
  • Get support & provide support
  • Stay accountable to your goals

Entrepreneur Education

  • Courses
  • E-books
  • Startup Master Classes

Virtual Membership

Working remotely may or may not be new to you but we all are having to adjust to the new routine that COVID-19 has brought. This change brings out the things we really miss and the things that help us get through each day. Innovative Entrepreneurs Hub will still provide you help to keep you productive, successful, and surrounded by like-minds. Our Virtual Membership gives you access to our amazing community of entrepreneurs, small business owners and creatives through virtual events, online resources, and membership perks.

What's Included in Your Virtual Membership

  • Weekly check-in calls
  • Weekly coworking session
  • Night coworking sessions
  • Weekly master roundtable sessions (brainstorm, get/give advice, etc.)
  • Monthly trainings/workshops
  • Monthly mixers


Entrepreneur Education

Materials to help improve your knowledge and skill sets on your way to building a successful business.
Startup Masterclasses

Lifetime Access to our signature series Startup Masterclass. An indepth how-to teaching series from Innovative Entrepreneurs who are sharing their secrets to success.


  • How to start a food truck
  • 5 Steps to Develop Your Sales Strategy
  • And More…


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Innovative Entrepreneurs Goal Setting Workbook Make it Happen - Write it Down

Are tired of setting goals that are rarely accomplished?
Do you want to make a change but are unsure how to start?
Are you ready to move beyond hopes and wishes?

It’s time to Make it Happen and Write it Down! There is no better feeling than being able to set a goal and accomplishing it. The Innovative Entrepreneur Goal Setting Workbook allows you to effectively set your goals, get really clear and specific while you are pursuing excellence.

This workbook walks you through proven methods to reduce your anxiety and raise your confidence as you set your goals for the next 12months. If you’ve been putting off goal setting because you weren’t sure how to do it, the Innovative Entrepreneur Goal Setting Workbook is your answer.

  • Get laser-focused & committed
  • Set meaningful, realistic, and attainable goals
  • Have a concrete actionable method to achieving your goals (even the tough ones)


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3 Ways to Infuse Money in Your Business

An interactive e-workbook to help you increase the money coming into your business!

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to increasing your revenue? Let us take you through our 3 step process that will show you exactly how to infuse money in your business NOW!

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90 Day Business Credit Building Program

A 90-day, online group coaching business credit accelerator, that shows entrepreneurs how to build and access business credit – without using their personal credit.


  • How to ensure that your Business Entity is in complete Compliance
  • How to Establish your Business Credit Profiles
  • A List of Vendors that will offer you Business Credit based solely on your Business WITHOUT a Personal Guarantor
  • LOTS of Practical Comprehensive Material that You Won’t Find in ANY Other Course


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What’s Inside?

  • Concierge Coaching & Your Own Advisor
  • Setup Business to Meet Lender and Credit Issuer Standards
  • Setup and Activate Credit Profiles
  • Direct Links to Trade, Store, Fleet, and Cash Credit
  • Business Credit With No Personal Credit Check
  • Access to Auto Financing
  • Direct Funding Access ( $5,000+)
  • Secure Business Loans within 72 Hours
  • Additional Financing and Support


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